David and Phil go Walrus hunting…..

…..These fellas boated 3 over 7 lbs today with the biggest going 7-15 by Phil, just missing the 8 pound mark. That fish is Phil’s new personal best. David and Phil had never caught a fish on deep diving cranks before today. They can officially cross that technique off the to do list. They boated 22 fish today and most were on the crank with a few crig and trig exceptions. We had a 34+ lb bag today and could have easily hit the 40 lb mark that has eluded me for the past several months now. We had two 9+lbers come unglued on us at the boat as par for the course with crankbait fishing. We had a great time out there today. I just wish Falcon would find some middle ground and get more consistent, but with the lake in free fall I don’t see the fishing stabilizing anytime soon.




We will kick butt one day and totally stink the next and the next and the next…..lol. The lake is getting terribly small and down right dangerous. I don’t care who you are. Launching the boat is becoming a straight up shit show and I don’t care where you are launching from either.


We caught back to back pigs and the net wasn’t ready to go so I went after the fish. Well the fish got me…..literally. Like to the tune of a buried treble in the hand…..dang it that hurt. Dikes, pliers and some swearing got er done…..and a lot of blood.





Ok, Ok, Ok……some of that blood was from a fish. lol.

sure life

The above works folks. Everytime I have a badly hooked fish it goes to the livewell with plenty of Sure Life. I have had some fish in dire straights after swallowing a 6xd live to fight another day because of this stuff. Trust me and this is coming from somebody that pays through the nose for it on his own dime.


We are back at it tomorrow with a husband wife combo.















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