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Falcon Report

Dan the Man is on his way and an in-depth game-plan for Sunday

By January 26, 2014No Comments

Ole Danny got wind of me having my Monday/Tuesday canceled so he is heading down to fish Sunday and Monday. Last time Danny was down here with me we made the video below.


Danny has a golden horseshoe he uses when he comes down to fish with me. As most of you all know Danny built this site and is one heck of a friend, but we have a business deal as well. I take him fishing when I can and he keeps this site running while adding cool stuff along the way. I struck another business deal yesterday with my attorney of all people… I went into Laredo to get some paperwork done for the business and the first words out of my attorney’s mouth were, “hey how do you think this cold front will affect the spawn?” How cool is that? So you will see Mr. Jordan here on in the not so distant future and I am looking forward to it.




Let’s talk about how Danny and I plan to attack Falcon tomorrow.


Watermelon Red Magic has been the ticket for me of late in the brushhog and I plan on putting it to use in a few other baits as well. Red is important this time of year and I have the ole dip n glo red on stand by.




As you have read everywhere that is credible….the bite here on Falcon has been, well, tough. Notice my t-rig set ups and notice the difference in sinker sizes. Fall rate right now is making all the difference in the world on a daily basis. The problem is that one day the fish are reacting to a fast fall rate while the next day they want it slow. I know you are thinking I am crazy and I get that, but it’s the truth. (the fall rate part)




We will also be doing our fair share of cranking the staging areas in that 5 to 12 foot depth range. It seems like we have a threadfin shad spawn every other week. With that said these bass (and white bass) are munching the heck out of small baitfish in these creeks and matching that size with your crankbait is a good a thing.




Of course the blade will be on the menu. Think gold.




I don’t hit the lake anymore without a red or orange trap tied on. Throw it in the shallowest/nastiest water you can find and hang on.




Last, but certainly not least…..the weedless wacky rig senko. Is it boring? You bet ya, but when the bite gets slow it’s a go-to technique. Throw in the middle of the jungle and let it sit…..twitch….let it sit….twitch….let it sit. I think you get the idea. You can’t move it slow enough.



Expectations for the next two days…….10-15 bites per day with 3 to 5 quality bites mixed in.


See you all when we get off the water…….hopefully with a pic or two of Danny smiling.