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Damn Dam…..

… a fish factory. We started there today and we could of caught 100 fish. Why didn’t we? Well, we just got tired of catching 0.5 to 3 lb fish. That’s the honest answer. Now listen, is it fun catching so many fish? Sure….it’s like going to that new lake in Mexico called Picachos. That lake from what I hear is LOADED full of 2 and 3 pounders. Tommy and I both are big game hunters……we made it to about 9 am and just couldn’t take it anymore and moved. Did we ever find a big today on the South end? Nope. Nothing has changed down there for me. A lot of fun, but getting a Walrus bite has proved to be a challenge down there and was again today. We had to stop fishing around 11:30 as the weather was starting to get scary. We have fished Falcon enough to know……don’t F with her when she starts to get angry and we had plenty of advance warning of these tropical bands coming in.




Fish fry at the Law’s tonight……can’t wait.




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