Daddy Day Care……not a lot of boats in town.

Well I have been spending a lot of time with the kiddo’s while the Mrs. puts in some insane hours to get caught up with her patients and paperwork.  Not much to report in regards to the fishing…..I fished several days in the timber and in summary?  It sucked.  Some of my best timber areas are between markers 9 and 5.  Mid lake is experiencing some very quick moving current that is going from South to North. It’s fast enough that I had to go to a 5/8 oz tungsten weight.  Most of the fish in the trees that I found are suspended and in the limbs themselves.  If the current wasn’t so dang strong a weightless senko would be deadly.  Unfortunately a 20 mph wind and a current that could move a bowling ball really hinders the ability to use a weightless senko.  Mind you I tried and you literally had to the pitch the lure 10 to 15 ft up wind/current in order to have a chance at hitting your desired target.  Meh.  My most consistent lure in the timber was a series 4 strike king crankbait and a 3/4 oz spinnerbait.  Once again you wanted the bait to move through the tree tops.  During all this timber jumping and experimenting with lure options etc. I didn’t boat a fish that would of hit 4 lbs on a set of scales.  I didn’t have a single bite where I would consider it to be quality.  Looks like I have a job for Saturday……I think we will hit the rocks early and often and let the chips fall where they may.




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