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Falcon Report

Da Bro Bomb and my 10xd cherry……

By January 26, 2013January 27th, 2013No Comments

Day two with Chad and Joel can be characterized as a bad start, but solid finish with A LOT of fish under 3lbs. I chose the wrong starting area today. It was terribly off. We fished there for over 3 hrs trying to be there when they turned on…, mistake. We moved around quite a bit in the afternoon and found some cooperating fish, but again they were incredibly small for the most part. We did manage 18 fish with my 7-4 being the kicker. My first 10xd fish……



Thanks again for the opportunity men. I look forward to your next trip down.


Final stats from the day:

Total fish: 18

Best 5: about 19 lbs

Kicker: 7-4


I will be out scouting tomorrow with James and Steve. Ok, Ok, Ok here are my goals for tomorrow.

1.) laugh

2.) spread some BS

3.) hang my spinnerbait at least 7 times

4.) catch a fish in under 5 foot of water


I will have one rod tomorrow and it will be equipped with a spinnerbait. I will let them pitch and flip up front while I throw out the back and get hung up all day.