Crappie hooks and a big ole snake….

Fantastic day on the water today. I took a father son duo out for a falcon lake guide trip. Nothing makes me happier than to take a father and son fishing. It doesn’t matter if it’s pops and his 8 year old or pops and his 40 year old or like today somewhere in between. Some of my best memories are of my father and I going out with a guide on a lake we had never seen before. From the big O to the stickmarsh to Choke to Falcon and everywhere in between. We had some winners….. And some not so much. Lol, but enough of memory lane. As all of you have read the fishing on falcon has been a bit off for my deep water bite and I have had to move inside of 15 ft on most days. Today was still a lot of the same. We started in the trees and caught a lot of fish up to a 6-7. We moved around and went to some of my best 12-17 foot cranking waters and caught a lot of fish that way too, up to 7-1. Did we fish deeper than 20 ft? Yes. 45 minutes tops and I believe we boated 2 fish. We didn’t have a 40 pound sack today or boat 100 fish, but I’ll certainly take it and look forward to fishing with these gentlemen again in the future.

Total fish: 38
Best 5: around 31 lbs
Kicker: 7-1

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