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…..and I made a few main lake stops to check a few offshore goodies. I left nothing in the bag today or gas tank for that matter. Once again the last stop of the day really salvaged an otherwise brutally tough day once again. We had 7 fish heading to the last call for alcohol. We doubled that total at our last stop. I really don’t believe we had a big bite today. I stumbled into the big fish of the day that might and I do mean might have hit 4 and half pounds. (fish slime on camera and hide the knuckles might of got it there….lol.) Steve and Paul were straight up warriors out there and deserved the ending that they got. Even the most hardened of bass fisherman, including myself, would of thrown in the towel. My next scheduled day off is March 22 and 23. I know that my schedule doesn’t reflect that, but man I have to be honest, I got tired of changing the damn thing. April and May are wiiiiiiiiide open at the moment. If you want to be the first to hit those offshore fatties drop me a line.


See ya’ll tomorrow,



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