Coronavirus and the current state of High Stakes Bassin dot com

Well here we are. I was sincerely hoping that the words Corona or Coronavirus or Covid-19, or whatever else you wanna call it, would not of needed to be put into print here on these pages. The reality for me is that my end of March and my entire April has canceled. (except for 4 days in April that are drive in clients and two of those days are drive ins alllllllllll the way from California that are also bringing their own boat) 2020 has been an incredibly slow year for me. (mainly because of me telling folks to not come down because of the terrible fishing here on Falcon during the months of December through February) Now that the fishing has gotten significantly more consistent and heading into the best time of year to be on this lake (March – November) we run into a damn global pandemic. Listen folks I minimized this thing for weeks and chalked it up to media bullshit. I’ll tell you the very second it hit home that this wasn’t bullshit. I was driving back from Missouri with the new boat and my cellphone alerts went crazy with the news that the NBA was postponing their season. Another anvil drop of reality for me was when my home away from home decided to completely shut down and go dark. Las Vegas ain’t completely shutting down just for the hell of it folks. That’s a multi Trillion dollar machine that literally just straight up pulled the plug seemingly overnight.


As far as how this affects my business? Yeah it sucks, but we are prepared for the worst and hoping for the best. My wife, who works in the therapy/medical world, is still working everyday 7 days a week. Now she looks like a hazmat worker when she goes in to visit patients, but her clientele is either newborns or elderly so caution is a must. Our oldest daughter also has had respiratory issues her whole life. So we are being as careful as possible too. Sooooooo should you come down right now and fish Falcon with me? That’s a question that I’m getting a lot and I wish I had the right answer for each specific individual that has asked me that. The common theme of my cancellations over the next 6 weeks? Each trip had at least one individual North of 70 years old. My main man Elmo wanted to come down and fish with me this week. I told him to stay put and I’ll come to him and fish out of his Bass Whacking Wagon.



We had a blast fishing Choke. (he has a house there……and he’s trying to sell it if anyone reading this is interested in owning a house on this wonderful fishery) Pictured is Elmo working his frog……was a lot of fun seeing so many damn topwater strikes. Been a looooooooooong time. No picture fish for us, but it was a lot of fun just to get with Sir Elmo and enjoy a dag gone beautiful day on the water. I had clients from the great state of Kansas come down to fish with me last week. They canceled their flights and jumped into their truck and made the 12 hour drive. The fishing was ok I guess……I was expecting 50 fish days to be honest and we struggled to hit 20 each day. We did, however, catch a few walruses including Mike’s new personal best of 8.74 lbs.



and Jim dam (n) near hitting the MEGA walrus category with his 9 something pounder. (sorry forgot the exact weight)


Here are a few more walruses from that trip….

img_1606.jpg img_1623.jpg



Clay also came down to fish with me for two days and it turned out to be just 6 hours as the weather kicked our ass to say the very least, but Clay caught about a 30 lb bag on his own with his best 5 looking like picture below.


No walruses but a bunch of Jr. Walruses……Ole Clayboa doing what Clayboa does here on Falcon Lake.


High Stakes Bassin fam please take care of yourself. Jaime, I and the kids aren’t going anywhere. This too shall pass…….

I also want to keep my oilfield friends and family in our thoughts and prayers. That industry is doing what it does….the peaks are awesome, but the valleys are disastrous. Tough, tough, TOUGH line of work to be in.


Be safe, be smart…..see ya soon.