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Falcon Report

Copy and Paste……Madison update.

By November 16, 2013No Comments

Today’s action was identical to yesterday with one exception…..quality.  Yesterday we did not boat any giants, but all of the fish were in the 3 to 5 lb range. Today? 0.25 lbs to 2 lbs with a 4 lb kicker and no really big bites.  Steve had one come unglued that might of touched the 6 lb mark….nice fish, but certainly no giant. Steve brought Donna down here for her birthday and although she didn’t hit it big I still think she had a good time.  She now has a road named after her here on Falcon.  I told her if she caught a fish off the road I would name it after her……





It’s not everyday that you get a road named after you…..





Here is a pic of our best fish from today….





Falcon Fans I can not promise you 100 fish days, DD bass or a 40 lb stinger.  What I can promise you is what you see in those pictures above and it has nothing to do with the fish.  Steve and Donna….thanks for a great two days here on Falcon Lake.  Hurry back.




Madison is doing better than I could of possibly hoped for.  No sooner did they remove her tonsils and adenoids her temperature went away.  Her energy is back and she is back to acting normal….it’s been a trying 3 months for that lil rascal.




I only have one day left on the schedule before Thanksgiving break……when I get back from my break it will be fast and furious around these parts all they way til July.  If you want in on the action and are not afraid to gamble a bit……..for a good time call….






….or for a good time on Falcon call 956-754-0626 ask for Jay (not Jenny)