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Clicker gets dusted off, Falcon Lake MEGA Walrus, and more cancellations.

I broke out the clicker today. How many? 34. Do you wanna see what most of the 34 from today and this week look look like?

img_4056.jpg img_4057.jpg

img_4071.jpg img_4075.jpg

img_4060.jpg img_4076.jpg

img_4078.jpg img_4082.jpg

img_4084.jpg img_4054.jpg


We are catching a lot and I do mean a lot of 3-5 lb fish. The following pics are pretty significant and pretty damn cool……

img_4070.jpg img_4081.jpg


…..the reason? Those are a couple of pics of those gentlemen’s first ever largemouth bass. Pretty freaking cool and VERY few things get me more geeked up than seeing the excitement of someone who is new to bass fishing. Funny thing of it is? I’ve been bass fishing for 36 years and I still get goosebumps every single day on the water. Oh, and speaking of goosebumps.




There she is…….11.3 lb Falcon Lake Mega WALRUS. Mr. Tim is no stranger to the pages of High Stakes Bassin and certainly no stranger to Mega Walruses. I swear if you put Tim ankle deep in a mud puddle with a square bill crankbait he’s gonna pull out a walrus. Not joking. Michelle certainly didn’t let Tim have all the fun last week. She juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust missed MEGA Walrus status at 9.3 lbs.



If this looks like fun and want to stretch my clicker give me a holler. My once nearly completely full March has recently opened up thanks to……drum roll… guessed it. Cancellations. The latest called and cancelled because Fork has put out a couple of DD’s including a 15. Sooooooooo if whacking on fish sounds like a good time check out the schedule and drop me a line. Would love to earn your business.




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