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Cleaned up my schedule and back to work tomorrow……

My online schedule got a little out of whack, but it should be 100% at this time. If you have a trip with me scheduled and you see that it is still “open” please shoot me an email. I try to be on top of my schedule, but there has been a lot of movement with it over the past week to 10 days. Thanks for taking the time to double check.




I met my clients tonight and they seem pretty cool and are geeked up to get after em tomorrow. To be truly honest they can’t be more geeked up than I am. The level of LOVE I have for this lake is off the charts and to be off of it a record 10 days in a row was nothing short of torture for me. Combine that with feeling like a $%^ sandwich and I am more than ready to get out there……5 am can’t come soon enough. The whip was washed, buffed, polished and spit shined today. Let’s get it on.








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