Clay and his daughters secret weapon….DD14 sour grape

Well Clay showed up today with a tackle box full of crankbaits that his 10 year old daughter and 8 year boy picked out for him and I have to tell ya they have an eye for Falcon Lake colors. The sour grape color was great along with the spro citrus shad. We only caught 2 fish on something other than a crank. They came on a jig surprisingly enough. We didn’t catch a single fish on soft plastics. All in all it was an extremely tough day. We ran the heck out of the lake with very little to show for it. We ended up with 15 fish and many of them were shockingly small. (see pic) We did manage 3 fish over 4 pounds with Clay’s 6.9 being the kicker of the day. I have the day off tomorrow and will stay off the water. I am still recovering from the cold bug that I caught from my kids.






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