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Clay and Chris put in work

Today wasn’t about catching fish. Clay and Chris are down this weekend to increase their knowledge of Falcon Lake, not just for the upcoming tourney, but also long term as well. Even though today wasn’t about catching fish we still whacked the tar out of em and had damn good time doing it. We had a 23 to 25 lb best 5 bag and broke an absolute STUD off in the brush. We also caught just one dink in my best spot. Go freaking figure. I have these guys again tomorrow and will be fishing an entirely different pattern.

IMG_2300.JPG IMG_2299.JPG

IMG_2301.JPG IMG_2302.JPG


The mowing, golfing, and fishing everyday caught up with me. I was in pretty bad shape today. My neck was screaming at me……I got home took some meds and passed out. We are gonna do more stretches tonight than a Richard Simmons power hour and hopefully we will be ready rock in the AM.






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