Clark turned into Superman…..

Good gravy did Clark straight up put one on Glen today.


We talked Duck Dynasty most of the day…….even threw in a lil “HEY!” in the vid as a shout out to ole….


These guys were a blast… you can tell by the video I hard a hard time talking and breathing. lol. Glen opened the day with the first fish and was none to shy about letting Clark know about it, but then all heck broke loose for Clark and continued up to the final bell. Two days ago we straight tore em up with 10xds and 6xds. Today? Not one fish came off a crank. Most of our fish were on crigs and a few more later in the day came off of spinners. We did have two terrible stretches… between 7 and 10 and another between noon and 2. Once again today was filled with more one liners than I will ever remember. I added one fish to the bag that would have pushed 8 lbs and the rest of the sack was compliments of Superman.




No No No….not that Clark, this Clark.




These guys were as fun as it gets and I have em again tomorrow. We will start the journey at the Steak House for breakfast….hopefully that will allow us to get off to a faster start. Hey Glen, bring your damn A game tomorrow!! We will have the video section of the day again…..hopefully not of me crying about not catching any fish, lol. I have been getting more and more cocky of late. That spells certain doom.




Tomorrow will also be the first day with my new scales…….






I am going to weigh our best five on the new scales……good, bad, or ugly and post the pic. I will not do this most days, as I want to keep the stress on these fish to a minimum, but I will make the exception tomorrow. I bought the most expensive scales money can buy for a reason. The reason you ask? My clients…..simple as that. My clients pay me good money to chase down that elusive DD. I certainly don’t want a 15 dollar scale determining whether they hit the mark or they did not. This scale here will remove all doubt. Time to go hang with the family…..check out the Jenga dual last night.


Things were looking dicey for the home team……



Fear not my Jenga fans……the piece was removed with tower in tact. Sierra’s turn, even Max is concerned this might be the end.




The pressure is getting to Nooty.




Game over.




Teaching my kids to win and lose gracefully is important to me…….





Time to go give another Jenga lesson.









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