Chesa, David and lil fish Steve

Just kidding Steve!…well um eh, see the pic below :-/ Another tough day today. David did have one REALLY good fish on and got about half way back to the boat before it spit the crank. It was the first really good bite for my boat the last two days. Chesa caught the big fish of the day around 4 lbs. We still had a great time and the good news is, these 3 still have 3 days of fishing ahead of them on their own, I will throw an update pic or two in a few days. They will catch a few bigguns before it’s all said and done. Time for a little break in the action. Cya in a few.



Total fish: 17

Best 5: about 17 lbs

Kicker: Steve’s 0.000015 lb monster….lol.







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