Chad and Joel get the Falcon Buffet…….

These fellas got to see it all. They caught some nice fish, but they also got to see the Falcon Grind first hand as well. I would still consider today a pretty good day though. We also ran into several very courteous fishermen today. It was refreshing to see. We stuck to our guns today and fished deep rock with trigs, cranks and we mixed in the crig a lot more especially in Tigers. Most of our fish were between 0.25 to 3 lbs. Falcon is fishing pretty dang good all things considered folks. I talked to Jim Behnken today and he caught plenty of fish……no whoppers by Falcon standards, but still had a good day in my opinion. Then there is the day that Mr. Tommy Law had today…..holy crap. Check out his blog entry from today. 36 lb stringer? Yeah, that’s a monster day on any lake, on any day, week, month or year. Check out the link:


Gary Harlin is whacking em in the timber I hear as well……no surprise there.


Stat central:

Total fish: 20ish?

Best five: 26ish lbs?

Kicker: 7ish lbs?


I can’t thank clients like Chad and Joel enough. I use the word clients loosely……like many of my clients, I consider them friends first. Thanks men and see you again soon.









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