Cell phone is dead…..

I jumped into the water today with the Iphone in the shorts.  I apologize for the inconvenience.  Please contact me via email for the time being.  I will do my best to have a phone by tomorrow afternoon.


Today started out pretty slow for us.  We started on a deep hump and didn’t so much as get a bump.  We went shallow for most of the morning/early afternoon with limited success. (5 spinnerbait hits, but only one boated fish and a couple of bumps on a plastics that wouldn’t allow us to even come close to a hookset on them…..the ole hit and run)  Soooooo we went to spot we had some luck on yesterday and presto they were there again.  15 minutes and 2 fish later things were looking up and we were pumped, then………

Google shit happens runner picture.


YEAH it skipped past a code red emergency and went straight to code BROWN.  I finally get these fellas on a pile of fish and blame, game over.  This was not a “bank” stop moment folks.  Good news is that I made it to the ramp and made a successful deposit.  Bad news is we didn’t have enough gas to get back to the spot.  I have one tank gauge that is screwy and the same one has a vent issue that makes it appear full when pumping gas, but in reality it is not.  I switched tanks this morning while running and saw half a tank as opposed to full and thought, “heck I can run South and back no problem on that”.  I had no idea I would have had to make that run twice….lol.  I felt terrible for these guys.  The dang guide finally delivers and then has a $%^# happens moment, but that would not be the last shit happens moment on this day only this time not in the literal sense at least.  We got a line wrapped around the prop and I jumped in to free it…….Iphone fail.  Ugh.  I hope Danny’s GoPro didn’t catch any of this.


Ahhhhhhhhh the life of a guide, lol.  I have already taken 2 Immodium and plan on take 2 more before bed and in the morning.  That #$%^ ain’t happening again.


I have these battle tested fellas again tomorrow.  I have gone back and forth with the gameplan, but believe I have the winning one in place.


Oh and no Depends jokes either.




Final Stats on the day:


Bites: 10 ish

Total Fish: 3

Kicker 6-13 (Pics are dead with phone)

Best 3: (lol) about 13 lbs

Hats lost: 1

Cell phone deaths: 1

#$%^ runs: 1


Time to go pop the prop off…….




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