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Falcon Report

Catching a lot of water…..

By October 15, 2013No Comments

We are on the rise and in a big way. Remember a month back or so? I was hopeful to be in the 270 range by November….well we are there and with any luck we could get a game changer. The Tropical activity in the Pacific right now could be enough to REALLY do some serious work for us. Laredo flooded big time Sunday night into Monday morning and there are still roads that are shut down. Jaime had a heck of time Monday getting around Laredo. Pretty much everything was under water. What’s amazing is that Zapata didn’t get a drop of the rain. All the rain hit North and West of us, but it sure is finding it’s way into Falcon. Keep your fingers crossed Falcon fans…….




We may be catching a lot of water, but catching a lot of quality fish is a challenge to say the least at the moment. One of Tommy’s regulars is in town for the next few days. You all know Jonnie ……give ya a hint. Cigar. Hahahahaha. Well Jonnie has brought a couple of friends with him this time around and I am helping Tommy with the trip. One word can describe these fellas. Fun. Pretty much sums it up. We got 3 BIG bites today….we boated one of em and unfortunately it was a 5 ft alligator gar….lol, ugh. The rest of our fish were that 1-3 lb quality of fish. We threw the towel in around noon and we all hit the golf course for 18 holes. All four of us had our moments of glory, but in the end Team Bishop and Tommy got the better of Team J and J. The match went down to the final hole……got to come clean though. I had a 4 putt….yes….4 putt from inside 20 ft. I also missed 4 putts inside of 5 foot. Today was not my finest hour on the golf course. I did have 3 birds on the back nine though :-/