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Cash talks the talk and walks the walk today…..

By March 31, 2013No Comments



Remember Cash from yesterday? Remember his first ever bass?




If he wasn’t hooked after yesterday he is certainly hooked after a day like today. I asked Tom if he wanted to get Cash some numbers or stay deep and try to get a few big ones. Tom made the right call by electing to stick to the rocks. Now there is no way anybody can expect to have a day like we had today. Do you hope?…sure, but expect no. Do you remember my big fish last night that broke me off? I thought that it was an easy nine and half, if not DD when she jumped and finally broke me off. You are thinking….why is Jay talking about this stinking fish again?




Yep, that’s my Yum Dinger from last night. I am very happy about getting this fish in. I was able to get that hook out of its gullet number 1 and number 2 I got a chance to see exactly how big it was. I over shot the weight a bit, but it still went a MEAN (hahaha) 8 lbs 8 ozs.




Cash caught 10 fish today with an 8-8, 7-8, couple of 6’s and six 2 to 3 lbers. He is officially spoiled by Falcon Lake. Tom had a good day too, but sweet mother of pearl Cash straight up put one on him and every other fisherman out there today for that matter I would imagine. Cash did most of his work on a Citrus Shad 6xd, but the 8-8 did come on the finesse c-rig. What a deadly weapon. We ended the day with 15 fish and about a 34 lb bag. Fun certainly comes to mind.


Tom is another top-notch client. Thanks for the opportunity men.