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Casey’s pet 12 inch fish……Sudden Sam and Dyno Dustin put Falcon Lake on the canvas!

…..I swear ole Casey caught the same 12 inch fish 39 times today. lol……seriously, If I didn’t know any better I would of thought he had that thing stuffed in his pocket the whole day. Sorta like a card shark with a card always up his sleeve only Casey’s card was a 12 inch bass. We were blessed with another day that you can only dream about. The weather, wind, barometric pressure, cloud cover, humidity, heat index…..whatever. PERFECT…….We didn’t have the day I was hoping for, but such is life here on Falcon Lake. We had two big girlie bites and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait for it…..waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait for it…..






Thanks for the opportunity Doctor Don! and The Mighty Casey.




It was well documented that Falcon Lake Slapped Sam and Dustin around like a red headed stepchild for their first 4 days here. They got off the mat two days ago with me and started to swing back. They called me yesterday morning and asked if they could go back and finish the fight and finish the fight they did.



IMG_6612.JPG IMG_6614.JPG

IMG_6613.JPG IMG_6615.JPG

IMG_6617.JPG IMG_6616.JPG


I get a text later in the day asking what qualifies for “walrus” certification……lol. Told him she has to be bigger than 7 lbs.


That spawned out ole gal just missed 8 lbs. A walrus indeed! Speaking of walruses….check this stud out.


IMG_6618.JPG IMG_6619.JPG


I’m on cloud nine and couldn’t be happier for these two fine men.


Enjoy the fight tonight everyone!

111 Mayweather Jr wins by 12 round decision  +101


There is where my money is at!!!

money bags





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