Casey scores first ever Largemouth Bass on Falcon Lake


It’s not too often I get folks that catch their first bass on my boat, but when it does happen it sure is cool. I am looking forward to Casey breaking his personal best many times over in the not so distant future. Today was once again pretty dang stingy out there. The last time Don was down he straight up smacked ole Falcon around at will and laughed about it. The last time Tony was down he went FULL ON Hank Parker Jr. with a spinnerbait. Falcon got a measure of revenge and kicked me in the pants at the end of the day to boot. I broke off an absolute giant today… 173rd this year. (at least it sure seems that way) I am not going to go into detail. Tired of talking about the 100’s of “the one that got away” to be honest. That was our only big bite of the day unfortunately. It’s a treat having Don and Tony down when they can break away from a hectic work schedule. Tony is a man after my own heart…..I swear he could fish 76 hours STRAIGHT and still want more. Thanks for bringing Casey down men…..hopefully that fish will be the start of a looooooooong bass catching career.




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