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Cancellations, my boyzzzzz, an incredibly busy rest of April, and a new boat.

I am back on fish. Am I second guessing cancelling 7 days of jobs the last two weeks? Yep…..but such is life. I took out Jason and his dad on Monday and it was a whackfest with a few good fish in the mix including Jason’s 7.27 lber pictured below.



Jason earlier in the day jumped off a sure fire MEGA walrus about 5 cranks from the boat…..I know what ya’ll are thinking and NO, I did not blow the net job. She jumped out the water and spit the chatterbait he was using. Notice I did not say bladed JIG. Dag gone jigs are killing me this year. They catch big fish no doubt, but boy fish get leverage on them big heads and pow…..gone. My boyzzzzzz from Illinois are heading to town and my man Brock turns 17.


Seems like it was yesterday he was 13… daughter’s age. Good grief time. Slow down, please. April from here on out will be nothing short of a blur. Here is a quick look at May.



My favorite times of year are when I can see my folks. As you can see, round 1 for 2017 is coming up fast. I want it to get here and I want it to last forever…… I can’t wait. If you like a few of those openings give me holler.

A new boat has been ordered and should be here in Zapata by July.



There she is……with my neck showing steady improvement I decided to make another major investment in my business. I got the green light from’s CEO and shareholders.



…….and there they all are. Without them none of this is possible. Man I love that pic. Thanks Highstakesbassin fans for your continued support as well. I have without a doubt the best client base on the planet. And what’s amazing is that I continue to add wonderful folks to that list on a near monthly basis. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you….a million times over.


See ya down on the border,




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