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Falcon Report

Burnt gas, but didn’t haul a lot of……..

By October 16, 2012No Comments

….spent the day idling, idling and then some more idling.  I scanned what felt like every ledge or creek between the county and Pierces Cove.  The results you ask?  A lot of fish and even more bait.  Problem is I only found 3 spots that had active fish showing on my electronics and wouldn’t you know 2 of those spots are as consistent as they come for catching bass day in and day out.  Why the other areas are not as consistently active I don’t know and I am seeing this a lot.  What’s odd is it’s always the same “spots” that show feeding fish day in and day out.  These fish in the other areas have to feed at some point, whether it’s late afternoon, night, mid day…….they have to eat.  The structure is there, the bait is there and fish are there, but the activity is not.  Puzzling.  I have roughly 10 “spots” that I have a lot of faith in and the rest is totally hit or miss.  One day great, but the next mehhhhhh.  The other spot that showed fish eating at a frenzy was literally the county ramp.  The funny part is there was a gentleman on the dock throwing a jig and it seemed like he was catching one on nearly every cast….lol.  I caught three off the North ledge before calling it a day.