Had the day off today and headed down to the state park to check out the temporary metal ramp they put in. The ramp is at the end of the channel on a mud bank. I used that mud bank a couple of weeks ago and had no issues. Now I am a little more concerned. The metal that is laid down does not extend into the water, but rather helps your tow vehicle get traction. Problem is that there are some nasty ruts that are developing from people using the same spot over and over again. I am going down there to launch due to the wind. So I will be rolling the dice. Sooner or later they will have to move that portable ramp to the gravel point. I have a repeat client tomorrow and last time he was down he brought his wife.  She flat wore the big fish out as you can tell by the pics below. Burl on the other hand was size challenged…. Lol. Burl looks to get some revenge tomorrow. The wind is going to be brutal, but we are going to give em heck regardless.

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