Bummer……..the Vegas phenomena and time to spend some time off the water.

Alan and his Dad Jeff had a great Falcon Lake experience. They both caught a silly amount of fish and both have new personal bests. They also added deeeeeeeeeep cranking to their list of techniques and had fun all the while. The bummer in the title refers to all of the huge fish that they had on that didn’t find their way to the scales. Gut wrenching luck. We added two more stupid big fish to the tally today and I am not going to talk about it. I wanted them sooooooo badly to get one of em in, but didn’t happen. Thanks again fellas for the opportunity.




Falcon suffers from what I call the Vegas phenomena. Some and I do mean some and not all here folks. I have encountered many stand up fishermen on the water, but it’s the rude, inconsiderate #$%^ that always stand out even if it’s 1 out of 100. I digress….the vegas phenomena. Vegas runs an ad that states “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. Some folks use that same mantra here…..”hey I am 100’s of miles from home what happens here stays here.” Zapata aint Vegas…..news at 11. I have thousands of folks that read this report. Do I want to turn this report into a weekly wall of shame? No. Like I have stated many times over, I like to keep this report light, fun, and somewhat informational. If I can spit on your boat, find a different spot to fish. Common Courtesy. I will NEVER, not EVER pull up on somebody, not at the dam, not the Veleno, not Tigers, not anywhere. My boat is easy to spot and well marked…..I get it.




I knew this was gonna be challenging 4 months physically and it was. If you are thinking about coming down next year Jan. – May start emailing me now. I am going to put a limit on the amount of trips I work each month starting in 2014. I am also going to try to limit the weekends as well. I love working and sometimes I love working too much. Health, family, and longevity is going to be more of a focal point going forward. I will not be on the water for 7 days like I stated last night…..I will also not be posting a report of any kind during those 7 days as well. I will however read my emails daily. Feel free to call, text or email me.



To all of you that read my blog, have used your hard-earned money to take a trip with me or those that will in the future…..THANK YOU!











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