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Falcon Report

Bullet + wind + waves =

By January 1, 2013No Comments

not a lot of fun.  I made a poor decision to start the day.  The wind was up right off the bat and I tried to make it to a main lake spot and decided to call off the dogs and hit a ledge that was still main lake, but a lot closer.  I should have headed straight for some protected water.  Reason?  Those waves can make even the most hardened fishermen sea sick in a Bullet let alone an 11-year-old.  Lindsey was tough as nails and didn’t want to come in, but when Clay and I saw her laying on the seats and not fishing we knew we better head in.  Like I said yesterday she never put down a rod.  So to see her 2 hrs in laying down, you know she was on the verge of getting really sick.  Again, much like Chase a few days ago, Clay paid for both days and then some.  I felt terrible about it, but again would have no part of not paying it and said he looked forward to coming back soon.  The good man upstairs just continues to bless me with wonderful human beings to take fishing.  Thanks again Clay……send me some picks of you and the kids on the new boat when you get the chance!


I am going to have a year in review/New Years post soon.  I have a few off days after tomorrow.  I will also post an in-depth how, what, and where report as well.  I will wait until after Basschamps for that report.  Some halfwit on a posting forum accused me of posting info on my blog to help my readers for tournaments and that it gave them an unfair advantage.  I am the last person on this planet that would try to do something shady.  Period.  Those that have fished with me and know me, know that to be a fact.  Got a father/son duo tomorrow and we will launch here on the North end of the lake.  I plan on burning every gallon of gas I have and let the chips fall where they may.


Happy New Year