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Bucket list Sugar Trip Round 2 for Rob and Sue

Here is the link from Round 1 in December of 2015 at Sugar Lake.

A bucket list trip to Sugar Lake Mexico……


At the end of that report I wrote that I had a funny feeling that I would see them again……I’m sure glad it happened. We had another terrific trip of just straight up whacking on fish. Most of the fish were between 2-4 lbs like the double pic below.



We went through an entire 1 gallon zip lock bag of BIG Senkos. I have really been struggling in the numbers department on both Falcon and Sugar so I didn’t bother to take my clicker South of the border…..boy that was a mistake. Rob and Sue took turns literally throwing Senkos directly into Mouths of hungry bass. We also boated a Mega Walrus…..I thought for SURE I finally broke the 13 lb mark, but once again I biggie eyed the fish by about a pound and half…..but look at the damn thing.


How in the hell she weighed just 11.55 lbs I’ll never know…..(not complaining, but just saying…lol)



I’m going to say it again…..I have a funny feeling I will see these two again for bucket list trip number 3. Keep kicking ass Rob.


(Sue……..50 shades of what?)


img_2116.jpg img_2098.jpg





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