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Breaking the law… ba breaking the law!


That was me today at the State Park this morning……lol. I never go through the ticket line in the morning as I have a State Park pass. I simply go around and check in at the end of the day. Well in order to go around you have to drive through a do not enter one way stretch for about 20 yards. At 6 AM its not a high risk proposition to say the least. Soooooooo on I went and blam a state cop was waiting for me and on came the lights.




Luis was cool and saw that I was a local. He sent me along my way so I could get my guys to the water as fast as possible.


The fishing was pretty good  today. We had two breakoffs and a retama claimed a big ole girl as well. We still caught a lot of quality 2 to 4 lb fish and our best 5 would of been in that 22 lb range. Speaking of best 5, Basschamps is in town and will be on the water tomorrow. Looks like a great turnout.

Basschamps predictions (5 fish limit this year):

1st place:28.35 lbs

Check line 15.08 lbs

Big bass: 11.45 lbs


Good luck everyone and please be courteous and patient with those sharing the water with you. It will be busy and very crowded in the more popular creeks. I’ll be out there with Joel and Chad for another round. After the two breakoffs Chad is loading up with some braid and can’t say that I blame him.


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IMG_6254[1] IMG_6256[1]







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