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Breaking fish off…. and a Mexico discussion


…..that pic pretty much sums it up around these parts today. I have been getting Mexico calls, texts and an email after the last very much sub par trip over there. I also got an email today from a gentleman in Houston that wanted to know what the deal was with my boat having so many break-offs this year.


Let’s address the break off issue and then move into the Mexico discussion. Break-offs are up yet again this time of year for a variety of reasons.

#1 and probably the biggest culprit is the retama bush.


Those things sticking out are as sharp and unforgiving as anything on the planet. For whatever reason the bass down here love to be in amongst these things. Often times when you catch a fish it will be all marked up from rubbing up against the prickers. (a lot of folks confuse the marks with gar bites) I used to NEVER fish the jungle here on Falcon. I was a deep structure guy 12 months out the year. The lake has evolved to the point where you have to be seasonal to stay on the majority of these fish. Unfortunately that means playing in the jungle until they start pulling water for irrigation. (which is soon)


#2 being lazy and NOT retying often.

You all have read my reports and know that at times Falcon and Sugar have been a tuff nut to crack. What that means is lulls in the fishing action happen and with that comes the attitude of “hey my lined is nicked up …..hell with it, I haven’t had a bite in an hour anyhow”. No sooner does that thought cross your mind and bang! A straight up walrus is destroying you.


#3 these are ELITE level fish down here.

Most people across the country and even in this state have no idea just how difficult it is to pull an 8, 9, 10, 11 lb type of fish through a straight up jungle. I have the best equipment money can buy and these beasts still find every little flaw….whether it be from a terminal, line or technique standpoint.


The fish I broke off yesterday had all three of these elements in play. About 30 minutes before I hooked that big ole gal I got snagged in a retama and jerked my line through it to free my lure up. In doing so it put several nicks in my 65 lb power pro braid. (#1 retama) I looked at it and didn’t want to take the time to re-tie as I knew we were nearing the end of the day. A few pitches later? blam…..the fight was on. (#2 being lazy and NOT retying often) This fish was an absolute giant and pretty much was not stoppable in that jungle. I was pulling as hard as a 215 lb human being could pull when the line popped and I nearly stumbled over board when it happened. That would of shot up the charts to “instant classic” level. (#3 ELITE level fish exposing any flaw possible) And there you have it folks in a …..

Wallnut shell

Next up…..Mexico discussion and where to go fish in Mexico. Before I start typing and getting into this please understand that these are MY opinions and they are based both on first hand knowledge and the knowledge of other friends and clients that have been on my boat.



That’s the big question that is on everyone’s mind. If I thought my life was in danger going over to any of these lakes in Mexico I would not go. Pretty simple. Bacarrac, Salto, Picachos, Oviachi, Sugar, etc, etc. I have zero issues with going over to any of those lakes and would not hesitate to do so. Don’t believe everything you read folks. Mexico is a beautiful country with wonderful people over there at every turn.


#2 where should I go?

This is the second biggest question….let’s take a look.

NUMBERS LAKE – Picachos and there isn’t a close second. Problem is that 90% of your fish will be under 4 lbs. I had a friend just get back and nobody in their party broke the 6 lb mark. If you like whacking on fish there is not a better option on the planet right now.

TROPHY LAKE – If your main goal is to catch an 11, 12, 13, or 14 lb fish your best option without question is Sugar Lake. Problem¬†is that although the ceiling is incredibly high, the floor is incredibly low. My second option would be Bacarrac for a trophy level fish. Problem is that most outfitters have stopped servicing the lake for various reasons. None of which I will discuss here. (Denny Brauer just had an incredible trip over there….)

El Salto – A great lake to fish for numbers of fun quality bass. 4 to 7 lbs with the opportunity at an Elite level fish as well. No real problem…..Does Salto have the ceiling Sugar or Bacarrac have? Absolutely not, but the floor is as safe and predictable as they come. You are guaranteed a 5 lb fish and several of them.


I hope this helps you all make your decision and I wish you the best of luck regardless of whether you go for the trophy, the numbers or the safe bet. If I can help you hunt for the Mexico trophy of a lifetime drop me a line. I owe ole Sugar a beatdown.


I am back on Falcon Lake tomorrow with a father/son duo. Then I will be off Saturday due some terrible weather heading in.


Hasta Manana,




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