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Bought the new hard copy Calendar tonight……

Out with the old…..



In with the new…….(girls picked out the new color)



I always look forward to buying a new calendar every year at this time…..something about that clean slate and getting to mark it up for the first time is fun.

Here is a look at a busy July:



August through December are wiiiiiiide open. Here are a couple of fish from each of those months last year……great time to fish Falcon for sure.

20130730-180033.jpg 20130730-180005.jpg IMG_3253[1] IMG_3237[1]

IMG_3271[1]  IMG_3273[1]  20130925-214946.jpg  20131025-210822.jpg

20131029-171304.jpg  20131103-222431.jpg 20131112-203713.jpg 20131209-191809.jpg 20131224-172621.jpg



If you know you are coming down to fish with me in 2015 (especially January and February) drop me an email or give me a ring. I am starting to field phone calls for those dates already and got my first February booking today.




I am gonna run some water tomorrow in preparation for a busy week ahead. There is a small tourney in town so I will avoid the dam and try not to get too beat up by the wind. I’ll post the results tomorrow.




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