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Boom or Bust on Falcon Lake and Larry the Lizard.

Yesterday I took Glen and his wife Karen on Falcon Lake and the fishing wasn’t near as spectacular as I was hoping for. The good news is we caught fish (14) and Karen caught her first ever bass (3). Right now fish are stacking up in small groups and in smaller areas along creek channels and drains. Some days and areas you got to throw a crankbait right smack dab down the middle in 8 to 15 foot of water and others you gotta parallel the brush line in 3 to 6 foot. We did a little of everything yesterday and in most cases struck out. This time of year can make you a hero, but it can also damn well make ya zero. I certainly had a terrific time with Glen and Karen. Glen and I have quite a bit in common. Scary actually……lol. Check out the lizard Glen spotted in the retama. Don’t ask me how he saw it. It took Karen and I several seconds with him pointing right at it for us to see ole Larry.



I have spent countless hours on the water along this wonderful border and I have NEVER seen such a creature. And if Glen would not of pointed him out I still would not of seen such a creature….lol. During one of our take offs yesterday my motor had a “hiccup”. A very concerning “hiccup”. Sooooooo today I went out and ran the dog out of that motor. I put that girl on plane… plane….on plane… plane…..etc, etc, etc…..5,173 times and that “hiccup” never happened again.


A nasty ole cold front is on our door step yet again. Ugly stuff….I’m gonna bundle up till next week.


Stay warm,



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