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Falcon Report

Booked, to not booked, to booked again….lol.

By December 29, 2012No Comments

Well I met up with Chance welllllllllll before sun up to talk about a plan or in today’s case an exit plan.  This weekend wasn’t about Chance, but rather him spending quality time with the Mrs.  Yesterday had some terrible wind and the fish didn’t bite worth a crap, but we all still had a great time.  When I went out to jump in the truck this morning the thermostat read 29 degrees.  Yeah.  Crazy cold.  Chance decided to hit the road and I couldn’t blame him.  To give you an example of the type of man Chance is, he cut me check for both days before I could even decline the offer.  Chance is one of those fellas that when he says it’s gonna happen, it’s gonna happen.  So I would have had no say regardless.  Thanks again for the opportunity Chance.  Don’t be a stranger.



Sooooo off to Falcon Lake Tackle I went to sing the no catching blues to James. (I feel bad for James and Tommy….everybody and their mothers 5th Uncle named Billy Bob is going in there complaining about the terrible fishing, so I didn’t sing for too long.  lol)  Well about the time my blues song ended a couple of fellas from Oklahoma walked in.  They had never seen the lake at this level and had quite a few questions and James and I were answering the best we could.  I picked out a bunch of weapons for them to try.  James mentioned to em that I was a guide and they decided to go ahead and book me.  Sooooooo off we went to the dam.  They used their boat and followed me.  The main goal was to give them options to fish that have been producing. (well producing for the current Falcon standards that is)  We hit and ran several spots and no the fish weren’t biting.  With that said, Marc had two big fish on and one of those was a sure fire DD, close to if not in that 11 lb range.  Marc is already in the 10 lb club, so although he didn’t take losing the fish well at least it didn’t cost him DD club membership.  Hey Marc your net man let ya down!  Where was he?  Dang Father in-laws anyhow, always trying to keep us down.  lol, Just kidding Jim!  They will be fishing for the next couple of days on their own.  My fingers are crossed that they get another shot at that monster.  Back at it tomorrow with another Texas Fishing Forums member who is bringing his Fiance to experience Falcon for the first time.  Zebco’s and drop shots will be on the menu…..hope Falcon’s hungry.