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Falcon Report

Bob and Paul take the damn Dam Tour….

By April 17, 2013No Comments

We launched down South and headed for the dam first thing. We caught plenty of fish, but the quality today wasn’t very good compared to the last 2 days. We didn’t have a single big bite, well big bass bite I should say…lol.




Paul thought he had the lake record and we almost started fist pounding and chest bumping before we ever saw it. lol. This is exactly why I don’t say anything about a fish being a huge bass until I see it. Over the past 2 weeks we have caught big gar, big cats and snagged a dang carp. Bob also caught a gar today, but it was not nearly as big as Paul’s monster above. We caught most of our fish on cranks… surprise, but we also caught em on trigs and crigs in the rocks as well. I think I lost 7 crigs in a 2 hour stretch, crazy. The plum Zoom Ole Monsters were the ticket for us on the trigs and crigs. The weather concerns me tomorrow. The wind looks like it will start out SE and we will launch down South again. If the wind turns like expected it might be a short day. I just hope we can boat a couple of walruses while the weather allows it. I have had a great time with these fellas. I forgot to mention their beef jerky. Homemade…..sweeeeeeet mother of pearl goodness folks.