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Bob and Grandson Logan’s Falcon Lake Adventure

And I do mean adventure. We kept the boat moving quite a bit today in efforts to keep Logan’s interest level up as the fishing today was as expected after a major tourney….tough. We made a long run South and the put the trolling motor down and made 1 cast. Logan asks, “what are those?” Then I hear em…..a swarm of killer bees. Needless to say I told them to sit down as calmly as I could and we got out of there without incident. Scared? you bet. I am highly allergic to normal bees let alone those monsters. It was an impressive sight no doubt, but one I can do without seeing ever again. Our first stop produced a near Jr. Walrus as Bob had one to the top and nearly to the boat before she spit the 5xd back at him. That was our only big bite of the day. We got onto a point and Logan’s first cast with a crig he catches the one pictured below. I thought we had found the holy grail. We ended up catching three more fish there, but even if you put the 3 of them together I don’t think they would of weighed a pound.


My hats off to Bob. He loves that boy and certainly not afraid to show it. Grrreat road trip and adventure with Grandpap. Something that young man will talk about for years to come.







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