Boat update, fishing update, and schedule update…..

The boat update is easy…..there is none.  I ended up taking the boat to Texas Boat World Saturday and I have not heard anything yet.



The fishing update is a little more complex.  There are some BIG fish being caught right now and I do mean big.  Check out the two photos courtesy of Falcon Lake Tackle ( and guide Tim Griffin.







You ask what’s so complex about that!?!


The late great Paul Harvey said it best.





The bite this past week has been incredibly slow and at times non existent for many.  I will admit that today was the first that I had fished since my SHO blew up.  I still went to the dock nearly every single day with my kids and tried to talk to at least one person.  A LOT of long faces and I felt more like Dr. Phil than Hank Parker.  Lets talk about today’s outing with Mr. Steve.  We fished for roughly 4 hours and boated 3 fish.  I did, however, have a chance at a huge fish and didn’t get the job done.  I was using that red lipless crankbait again and the back treble straightened out on me.  Heck that’s the best excuse I got….lol.  The fish kicked my ARSE.




Let’s talk schedule for moment:

January, and February are wiiiiiiide open.









March is filling up VERY fast…….





Here is a link to my schedule page:


Drop me a line and lets get after em.



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