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Blessed and fortunate (If you are looking for a fishing report Basschamps folks….stop reading, this ain’t one)

I want to lead this report off by saying that my Dad is back to work and hard at it today. Not even a month removed from having a new hip put in. Classic Dad and God knows I love him. Mom was the typical ROCK that she always is….ready to step in and do whatever it takes for her family and man. A true champion in every regard and God also knows I love her dearly. Well done Mom.



It’s not by accident my Mom and Jaime are in the middle standing tall. Love that picture.


Last week was an incredible week. It saw a good friend boat an 11 pounder.



It saw a father/son duo BATTLE a handful of Falcon Lake Walruses and will be back to taste revenge!



The end of the week saw a lot of friends come together for a great time on Falcon Lake.



Standing up front with his back turned is Justin and left to right…..Danny (web guy and great friend) Laura (Danny’s Guuuuurrrrrrrl), Russell (Justin’s brother and airboat driving P.R.O.) and James from Falcon Lake tackle. To say we had a good time would be the understatement of a young 2015. When I showed up with goggles there was a nerd comment or two……



Notice the guy up front looking straight into the never ending bugs hitting us at 35 mph with a smile on his face.



Danny is going to throw together a video of the events in the coming days that should be worth a view or two. Now I know I said Danny, Laura, and I were going to hit the water bright and early after a 2 hour catnap from hunting.

stays up late


That didn’t happen, but we did hit the water for a few hours in the afternoon. We didn’t boat a bass, but had two giants kick our crankbaiting AZZZZZZZ.



Noticing anything missing from that Spro? That big ole girl made short work of that o-ring. Now let me come clean and be perfectly clear. We DID NOT see that fish and Laura caught a catfish in the same spot on a 10xd. No, that is not a typo either. That cat crushed the 10xd…..straight BOMB of a hit. Danny also boated a catfish in a different area. The catfish spawn is starting to fire up and that is JACKPOT city for huge bass. They love the catfish spawn as much if not more than the gill spawn. I have spots that year in and year out bass go to specifically targeting these smaller spawning cats. It’s gonna get silly. I, once again, lost an absolute beast on a Norman Deep lil N. It was caught on film and the temper tantrum is certainly made for a bloopers reel near you.



I am still holding out hope that the GoPro caught the fish jumping out of the water as it spit the crank at me. Big ole gal.


Those of you that finished reading this whole post, love ya… are the reason I am here. See you all soon.



These two cats are two of the biggest reasons Highstakesbassin is where it is today. My man Danny is “The Man Behind the Curtain” here on and what a job he does. Thanks for everything Danny….what a great pic.








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