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Black Friday on Lake Falcon with the Girlies

We hit the water at the butt crack of 1pm with┬áthe hopes of 51 fish in three and half of hours of fishing. Well……..we fished for three and a half hours, but caught…..drum roll please. Three dinks and Jaime caught them on a chart/blue back 6xd. Sierra and I threw the drop shot A LOT and not one single bite. Perplexing afternoon of fishing on a PERFECT day to fish. We did spend 2 hours right out of the gate checking the shallow bite. There is some good news as can be seen in the screenshot below.


That’s threadfin shad and a lot of it. I was in this area roughly 3 weeks ago and that screen was as white as Casper himself. We hit hardwoods, fences, roadbeds, drains, flats, creek beds and bends and absolutely not one single bite to show for our efforts. We hit several points on the way out and zip nada as well. Joe, a good client and friend of mine, whacked em first thing in the morning before sun up. He did tell me that the bite went to heck though shortly there after. I will have to agree with him. I had a job on the books for tomorrow, but it got canceled/postponed and after this afternoon I think that was a pretty good call to be honest. There is a good chance that the wind is going to be a player as well. I have a 5 day trip on the books starting Tuesday and the forecast looks nothing short of spectacular. Looking forward to putting Ryan on a few Falcon Lake walruses.

CYA then!




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