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Falcon Report

Bit by the no show bug…..

By June 11, 2013No Comments

I had a 2 day gig on the books for today and tomorrow, but looks as though my “off” days will be extended by two.  I do, however, plan on going out tomorrow before my scheduled 7 days off begins.  Here is a look at an updated June, July, and August schedule.  If the days are blank drop me a line and let’s get after em.  If the days are booked that means I have a trip already.  If the days say “off” that means I will not be working or on the water.  I am trying to mix in more scheduled “off” days because if I don’t I won’t take any off…….lol.  To the schedules: (these can be found under the schedule tab on my website)








If any of the above dates look interesting drop me a line and again it’s never too early to get in line for December – February dates.  Want to gamble on the big girls?  Look no further.


I will be checking emails, txt messages and phone messages daily during my off days……see y’all in about a week.