Billy, Colten, and a flying squirrel… Round 1.

What a fantastic day in regards to the weather. Perfect amount of wind. Colten caught the 3 biggest fish of the day with a 6-3, 6-1, and 5 plus. Most of our fish were in that 1-4 lb range. We fished deep pretty much all day. The three jackpot spots I found before my vacation only produced a few small fish. Colten had a beast break his crankbait off, but I’m not 100% sold it was a bass. We never saw it. Billy got abused once in the jungle as well at the end of the day. I only got small bites 🙁 We had a great time and very much looking forward to round two.

Total fish: 20
Best five: about 23 lbs
Kicker: 6-3

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