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Billy Bob Thornton and Dora Dora the Explorer do Sugar Lake.

It was a challenging three days to say the least. If you remember Wayne and Victoria were supposed to head to Sugar with me a couple weeks back, but I got scared by the 25+ mph wind forecasts. As it turned out those winds never hit and they would of had a wonderful couple of days with very little wind. Fast forward to Tuesday. Weather looking great…..we pull into our first cove and start whacking and stacking. Wayne put what I thought would be one of many walruses in the boat.



Then? My trolling motor dies……done, nada, finished. Soooooooooo back to Zapata we go to get my back up. The trolling motor fiasco cost them the best 4 hours of fishing of their entire trip because it wasn’t long after we returned the winds hit and I’m going to tell you it was BRUTAL. The electricity got knocked out Tuesday night and we woke up to 40 + mph North wind gusts Wednesday morning. NON of this was forecasted. Soooooooooo we sat around waiting for the wind to give us a shot and by 1 o’clock I just couldn’t take it anymore. We were going to get on the water one way or the other. Was it a questionable decision? Yes it was. We fought our way to a protected cove and fished for about 4 hours. Victoria did manage to boat a couple of Jr. Walruses and believe you me…..I was proud of those fish.




Sorry Victoria!!!!!! Got ya blinking on that last one. Still a good pic.


Day 3 rolls around and the three of us are like a bunch of caged animals. We gave it heck and caught plenty of fish, but man the big girls were among the missing. Here is Victoria with another JR. Walrus from todays efforts.



We caught 53 fish and most were under 3 lbs. Yes, we did fish Sugar Lake and I’m sure glad I fished it with these two. They were world class and I know I throw that around a lot, but it’s the truth. I would of given anything for these two to have a banner Sugar Lake experience. Mother Nature and Minn Kota had other plans unfortunately, but these two never, not one time complained and kept firing away until it was time to head back to the border. So you’re wondering about the title? Wayne is a dead ringer for Billy Bob Thornton….I’m serious.

bad santa

and I’m pretty sure I got that look a few times after telling Wayne 173 times that I caught an 8 lber in “that tree”……lol. Dora the Explorer you ask? We were eating dinner one night and I could not pronounce our food’s name correctly. Victoria corrected me a few times… I started calling her Dora the Explorer….

bad santa

Ok, Ok, Ok……I guess you had to be there.


I am booked 6 out of the next 7 days here on Falcon Lake before I return to Sugar a week from tomorrow. This will be my longest stretch on Falcon for 2016.







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