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Bill and John tackle a cold, tough Falcon Lake

Yesterday we caught a bazillion fish. Today? Yikes……The men from Ohio worked for everything they got. We had one small ditch that really saved our day. I am talking half the width of my boat and it would of been something I would of missed 4 years ago. I threw a trap up in it and thought I got bumped. A few casts later I decided to throw back up in it and bam fish on. John kinda threw around it with a lizard and nothing. I chunked back up in there with the trap and bam another fish. I gave the trap to John and he proceeded to straight up wear that ditch plum out. We got hung up and had to go into the ditch to get the trap and that’s when Bill caught his nicest fish of the day.



Bill will be a first ballot Highstakesbassin Hall of Fame fish holder…….lol. His son taught him how to hold the bass for the photo. Heck I took a few notes after that pic.



If you take that one ditch/drain away from us we probably would of only caught about 10 fish today. The North wind worked it’s typical magic here on Falcon. The cold weather, unfortunately, is here to stay for awhile and by the time the weekend rolls around it might be a winter wonderland around here.

dr jack freezing



A schedule update….4 more days have been booked up for March. If I had to bet, I would bet March gets filled up to the brim in a week or two. Soooooo many calls and emails inquiring about March. I certainly will not plan any vacation days for that month… Come get ya some March dates while ya can.





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