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Big winds 2019, Elmo Action Jaxson, and on the mends

I have been living along the beautiful Rio Grande since 2011. I’ve seen many many many brutally bad windy stretches. It’s just part of the deal down here and you learn what you can and can’t do and make the best of it. Some of my best days on this lake came in 20+ mph South wind with a 6xd in my hands. With all that said……this stretch is the worst I have personally ever seen. (I said the same thing last year… I have had plenty of wind cancellations and I also had to cancel/give away 5 jobs due to my back as well since returning from my Vegas vacation. On Saturday May 18th I bent down to grab the extension cord to plug in the boat and down I went. I have been very fortunate with my lower back the last 14 years. (I hurt it really bad moving from my condo to my house in 2005) I have done as little as possible and spent most of the last 10 days or so in bed highly medicated. The good news is that I came off the pain meds yesterday and I’m out and about today feeling better with limited pain. (most of it is in my damn hip at the moment) I am trending in the right direction in the nick of time.¬†Got my longest tenured client on the docket Thursday/Friday and a Lambo driving in on Sunday and this crew on Monday and Tuesday!



Before my back crapped out I had my main man down to see me.



We had a dag gone blast as we always do…….See ya’ll soon and hopefully not from a hospital bed!!





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