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Been on the water a BUNCH and………..

…….wow is the fishing tough. I’m serious. I have seen tough fishing on Falcon over the years…..yes it happens even on this world class fishery. These last 10 days or so have ranked right up there as the worst I have ever seen. Right now my Mother has my number half dialed to tell me to put a positive spin on this. My positive spin? I have not had a lot of jobs and people in my boat. I guess that’s not positive either…, but I am not a fan of disappointing folks that step in my boat and right now Falcon is just not fishing worth a damn and I’m glad it’s just me out there most days.


Today I wasn’t by myself however. Paul was back on Falcon and in my boat again. He was down about 12 days ago or so and didn’t boat a fish. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised when he called me this week to take him out again. Today was MUCH better and was soooooo happy we caught plenty of fish. The size? A big bag of MEH, but was just damn awful happy Paul came down and was able to whack on em a bit. The hot bait today was without question a chrome and blue lipless crankbait. We also caught a couple offshore on a Texas rig fluke. Those fish were our smallest of the day surprisingly. Our creek fish were all small keepers. I am taking the rest of the week off as we have a nasty cold front looming Friday. I am actually looking forward to it…….lol. CAN’T HURT!!


I will be back at em next week……Walruses be damned.




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