Been in holding pattern the past couple of days…….***Schedule UPDATE as of 3:45pm***

I have 4 dates that are now booked up.  Two of the dates are for this weekend. (May 18th and May 19)  The other two days are part of that last block of days in May that I talked about in my last report. (May 30th and 31st are now booked up….Thursday/Friday)

Open dates:

May 26th – 29th

June 8th – 12th

June 24th – July 3rd (hey Mom and Dad….this block would look good on you. hint hint)  The folks are out of the picture for these dates……time to pounce.

End of summer dates are wide open (August through September)

Want to gamble on a huge fish?……get in line for December – February now.  I do mean gamble too.  BOOM or bust.










Sierra has been having some ear problems of late soooooo I have not been fishing. Speaking of ear problems…..remember my plugged ears from my flight back from Vegas? They are still plugged. So if you want a plugged ear come on over…….lol. Might have to bite the bullet and go see if the doctor has a special on plugged up ears. So not a lot to report from a fishing standpoint……well first hand knowledge that is.


Check out Tommy’s report:


Here I am fighting ear wax and he is out fighting walruses…..heck two at time!!! Guy knows how to kick a fella when he’s down. lol.




My clients for tomorrow are return clients that have had some pretty amazing days on Falcon. (Troy has fished with the who’s who of Falcon Lake – Charlie Haralson and Keith Combs to name two) Troy was one of the first people to give me a chance when I was first starting out. He also did a lot to promote the good time that he and his brother had with me. No question about it, he is a big reason I am doing as well as I am doing today.


Here is the report he wrote on last year.


Troy’s brother is still the record holder with his 12 pound 7 oz beauty of a fish.


The last time Troy fished with me he brought Karl with him. Here are the links to those outings.


Now Karl is certainly no stranger to Falcon Lake himself. He fishes with Tommy Law quite a bit and these two will actually be fishing Friday with Tommy. I am hoping to set the bar high Thursday and give ole Tommy something to shoot for.




That drawing makes me laugh……..sorry, had to use it again. (thanks Danny)







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