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Falcon Report

Beautiful day to be alive on Falcon Lake

By July 8, 2012No Comments

Luckily for me I have a regular of mine on the books for this weekend. He has seen much better days than the one we had today. We got a late start today as he drove from San Antonio and worked a full day yesterday, so we gave him an extra hour this morning. We decided going in that we were going to go deep and stay deep regardless of the results. Eh, um, eh, ooooops. 6 hrs, 3 bites, 0 boated fish. One potentially nice fish that put Danny in the trolling motor, but luckily I shut the Tm down before that braid got serious. My worst decision since going live with the business. We hit some great deep water locales from 20-30 ft LOADED full of rocks with creeks and deep water going every which way. Bait fish? Check. Bass? Check. Results? F- Momma said there would be days like this. (and dad too…. Lol). I finally relented and headed for a creek that was loaded full of timber in that 3-10 ft. range. In our final two hours we put 9 in the boat with Danny catching a 6-8 kicker. I broke two big fish off in typical jungle fishing fashion. Check out the swim jig he used to catch the kicker. Great way to break in the new irod swim jig rod he brought down! Danny wants to go deep again tomorrow…… This guy is hardcore.

Total fish: 9 (that is not a misprint and no I didn’t leave off a zero… Lol)
Best 5: 23 and change
Kicker: Danny’s 6-8 (pictured)