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Beautiful day on Falcon Lake with the Nagy crew……

We caught about as good a day as you could have here on Falcon Lake. The wind, the heat, etc, etc……perfecto. To top all that I had 3 of my favorite people on the planet in my boat. I know it’s been mentioned here before, but Roy and Troy were two of the first to hire me way back when. Ok……let’s talk about the fishing component from today. We caught 5 fish…..all dinks. Bill had a good one bury him in a retama. Troy had a good one offshore that got the better of him and at the end of the day Roy had a good fish come unbuttoned on a trap. There just was not a lot of action today. At least yesterday we caught who knows how many…..all be it small. We had┬áseveral points throughout today where I would of taken 10 or 20 of those fish. I am going to go with the gameplan I used on Sean and Kendal’s last day with me. I want to send these fellas back home with a smile and a walrus or two. C’mon Falcon……throw us a bone.





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