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Beautiful day on Falcon Lake with Joe

Wow was it nice to put in 8 hours on Falcon with OPTIMAL conditions. I really thought Joe and I were going to whack a walrus or two, but it wasn’t in the cards for us today. We did, however, see two walruses get boated. Just wasn’t our boat that boated them. I can tell you how to catch a big girl on Falcon right now. Head to a creek and crank or spinnerbait the main channel and drains……really focus on where they intersect or split. The fish are not up on flats in any sort of numbers. Water temps are still really low even after the three nice days in a row. We started the morning in the mid 50’s and ended the day just shy of 60 degrees. (59.4) We caught fish on squarebills, spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, and baby brush hogs. I don’t want to come across like we whacked a lot of fish because that wouldn’t be true. It was a slow day no question about it. Thanks Joe……very much appreciated as always. See ya in a few weeks or so.


Reuben and the MIGHTY Quinn are in town early.

20140321-222250.jpg 20140321-222145.jpg


We are going to go fishing tomorrow and Tuesday. That means Wednesday is open……if that looks interesting let me know.





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