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Basschamps results



I came within .63 pounds of my first place prediction. I was also right about the big bass of the tournament not going to the first place team…..heck it didn’t go to anyone in the top 10 either. Pretty remarkable. I was way off on the big bass as it only took a 9.10 to take those honors. I can’t remember the last time a 10 pounder didn’t take big fish here on Falcon. I also was waaaaaaay off on what it would take to cash a check. 13.81 pounds was the check line. We also had 69…..yes 69 folks not weigh a fish. Basschamps had a perfect day with temps in the mid 80’s and no wind. They were also aided by a late start due to fog. Falcon can and will humble even the best tournament anglers is South Texas. This tournament was certainly a fine example of that. Congrats to those that put a limit together on a day where finding a limit was no easy task. Congrats to the check cashers and a BIG congrats to Kyle Keller and Josh Spencer. WHAT A HELL OF A BAG men.


Looking forward to an incredibly busy stretch ahead. We are closing in on the halfway mark of February already and this is arguably the worst January/February I’ve ever had. Maybe 2014’s start was worse, but that’s it. I normally LOVE January and February…..especially for the thrill of hunting MEGA walruses, but it has certainly not been in the cards for this guy early on in 2018. We are fixing to change that and in short order.


See ya on the water,




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