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Basschamps recap and the week ahead.

Basschamps has come and gone for 2019. The competitors caught one heck of a break too. The weather guessers predicted some really really strong gusts and Champs decided to make this a trailer-able event. The forecast was wrong and the really strong winds never hit. Here is a look at my predictions and the actual (in BOLD).


My Basschamps predictions over the years have been spot on. The one tomorrow may break some records and I ain’t talking about the records you wanna see broke either.

1st Place – 27.94 pounds

34.05 took home first place…..INCREDIBLE tournament for Bret Fisher and Rick Cathey. Second place fell more in line with my 1st place prediction at 26.81 lbs.

Check line – 17.43 pounds

16.50 was the check line.

Big Bass – 9.13 lbs

We had one bass creep over the 10 lb mark for the tournament and it went 10.14 lbs caught by the 2nd place team of Dennis Odell and Frank Mixon.

50% of the field will not weigh 5 keepers

151 teams launched their boat here on Falcon Lake for the tournament. 79 of those anglers didn’t weigh 5 fish which comes to 52%.


What does all this mean? I talked to several teams and every single one of them mentioned the same thing. Bites were at a premium and fishing clean was critical. A fine example of that was team Texas Boat World of Cliff Brown and John Riley. They weighed 3 fish, but one of which was a 9.43 near miss MEGA Walrus. They had 2 other fish on that would of moved them up the ladder significantly. In a word? GRIND……… which certainly is no surprise to this guy.


The majority of the fish are transitioning from the spawn right now and the fishing will get better very soon as the offshore bite begins to take shape. And you can believe I’m ready for a change of scenery. We are off tomorrow with the second cancellation day in a row. I will be out there manana regardless in preparation for the trips ahead.


See ya in March!



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