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Basschamps prep and SHO blows up yet again.

Yep another power head down the drain. If you are in the market for a boat and/or motor you had better think long and hard about buying a Yamaha SHO. I will NEVER own another after this certified disaster of a motor. I knew of the issues that motor was having when I bought it in 2012. I ignored them and thought it wouldn’t happen to me. Well it did and 3 times now. Worthless piece of shit and can’t wait to get it off that boat. I am considering taking a 12 gauge shotgun to it and posting the video on every social media outlet that I can. My 521vx is ready to roll and I should not miss a beat. Enough about the boat disaster………luckily I was able to limp back to the dock and switched boats in about an hour of wasted time. The fishing was anything but spectacular. We ran the heck out of the lake and covered water from as far South as you can go to the Veleno and several places in between. Charlie will be on the water tomorrow and I’ll report back manana.




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